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I am NOT a Muslim!

If you see me walking down the street with my head covered and wearing a long dress, do NOT assume I am a Muslim.  Muslims are not the only ones who cover their heads.  Yes, that is right, I am a Christian woman and I cover my head with a scarf.  That is what women are supposed to do, according to the Bible.  Women back in the day of Jesus, wore coverings on their head, no matter if they were Jew, Christian, or something else.  Only a prostitute did not wear a head covering.  This would advertise to the men what she was.

I am sure you all have seen pictures of Mary in many paintings and even movies.  And all of them depict Mary with her hair covered and long clothes so that she was covered up, not showing anything except her face, and her hands.  Have so many of you forgotten this?  Is this why many people when they see me on the street look at me funny?  The way Mary dresses is how we all should be dressing as women.

But today, most American women wear clothes which are revealing.  They wear tank-tops and skinny, short dresses, shorts, and even go as far as piercing parts of their body and coloring their hair.  These things would have marked you as a pagan Priestess back in Jesus’ day.  Because most people do not cover themselves as they used to, some might ask why I do it.  I have three reasons why.

1.  Because it is the right thing to do.

2.  Because God tells us women that we need to cover ourselves.  Look up these bible verses if you don’t believe me:  1Corinthians 8:9, 1Corinthians 11:1-17, 1Peter 3:3-5, 1Timothy 2:9, Romans 14:13, Philippians 2:4

3.  Personally I also do it because I do not like the way most women dress in our society, with practically everything exposed.  I wish to serve as a good role model for women.


The Darwin Awards

Most people have heard of the Darwin Awards, but for those who have not, they are awards given out to people who have done very stupid things and end up getting themselves killed.  In other words, those who do humanity a favor and clean out the human gene pool by getting themselves killed because of their stupidity.

Now many of you might wonder what made me want to post this blog.  Well, I was watching the news of this woman who is vacationing in Florida, and a hurricane is about to hit (hurricane Irene).  She told the reporter that she was not going to do anything special to protect herself, she was going to go about doing the same things she had planned to do: Read books, go shopping, etc.  I think this woman is a great candidate for the Darwin Awards.

But while I was at it, I also wanted to share some great Darwin Award winners:

Patent GENES? Bile Overload.. In another illogical legal maneuver, a US Federal Court ruled a gene patentable. Patenting genes interferes with researching the functioon of those genes, of life, and is wrong. The legal justification was a lie. “Isolating DNA created a new chemical entity” unlike the chromosome, which is a work of nature.

Because courts like to rule “against-for” when they rule a contested opinion, the judge ruled against a clearly legitimate patent claim for the diagnostic method for risk of cancer.

Women, I have done you a disservice.

I have preliminary research on the causes of Darwinian Deaths in Women. High heel shoes are killing women! On railroad tracks, in front of buses, reports flood into Darwin Awards Central from everywhere in the world. We are literally falling victim to our own fashion sense, and it’s so common I did not even post a single story; I considered the valid news reports to be salacious and dumb. I was wrong.

High heels are a major source of voluntary injury and death among women. I do not wish to offend anyone in this audience. I love the tall, graceful feeling of high-heeled shoes, too. But they belong in the bedroom, not on the street! Women, we have been talking amongst ourselves about the problem for years, and doing nothing.

Look at my feet. I am wearing plain flat sandals. Hobbling ourselves is not sexy, it is sending a signal of weakness. This is Darwin Awards dumb. We invent “fashion” to solve the problem of how to look sexy. We pay $$ to solve the problem, we pay again with broken bones and Darwin Awards deaths, all to fix an imaginary need to “improve” our appearance.

Our natural inclination to attract a mate has been driven to ridiculous peacock extremes. Nature took care of the problem already. You. Are. Sexy, ladies, just as you are.

Memetic evolution. The more I look the more I see that marketing is driving memetic evolution. Those who do not see the irony in the marketing of sexual selection are doomed to suffer, because it’s so common it’s invisible.

(The above 2 Darwin award posts are courtsy of The Darwin Awards Website:

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