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Tron Legacy 3D

A new Science Fiction movie came out recently based on an old movie called Tron.  I am sure many of you Sci-fi fans out there know of the old Tron movie and how interesting it was.  For its day, it used the most recent technology.  Of course today, we would laugh at how cheap the graphics and technology was.

Tron was mostly about understanding a machine to the extreme of nearly being IN the machine, and the movie Tron literally put you into the machine as a metaphor for computer programmers, I believe.  I could also relate to people who are too addicted to video games.  Either way, it is an interesting concept to create a movie around.

I have not yet watched this new, modern version of Tron, but if they stayed true to the old movie, I am sure it will be a great success, and many people will go see it.  Realistically though, I am sure there will be plenty of people to go see it anyway, because Tron already has a good fan base.