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Donald Trump for President?

I have been watching the Republican debates, since I do not think Obama should have another 4 years in the White House.  True, I voted for the guy in 2008, but he has accomplished basically nothing while there, plus the bills which he supposedly passed did not make any jobs.  How do we know this?  Because the current unemployment rate is still stuck at 9.1%, though those who have stopped even looking for work brings that number up to about 21%.

This means that 1 in 5 Americans are out of a job, and Obama has not really made a difference about this while he has been in office.  Because of this, I think we need a new candidate.  For this reason I have been listening to all of the candidates very much this year to see if anyone would be able to really accomplish this.  Most of the people I have heard on the debates, seem to be just as bad as Obama, a lot of rhetoric, and no substance.  We need a person who has substance, plus has a lot of experience in pulling out their business or government out of the hole.

Who has more experience with this than Donald Trump?  His businesses have failed 4 times and he has had to file bankruptcy, but he has always been able to pull himself out, and his business right now is doing better than ever, IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS FINANCIAL CRISIS!  To me that is amazing, and he not only deserves some serious credit for it, he would be a perfect candidate to get this government out of the Financial hole it is in, plus, give us Americans some jobs and get this economy back on track.  I think he has some great ideas to do this, and I ask all of you to listen to what he has to say.

Then, if you like what he has to say, I ask that you write him in on your ballot when we all have to vote on:  November 6th, 2012.


Market drops and now riots

Yesterday the market dropped dramatically, and now, even though there have been riots in Britain for about 3-4 days, they got worse today.  At first they were claiming that the riots were due to some police officer shooting some man, but of course as they said that, I knew this could not be the case.  Police shoot people all the time and there are no riots everyday because of it.  So then, what was the truth?  Well, they finally came out with the truth today.  It was because of the economic problems.

Doesn’t this sound like what is happening in Greece?  Is it possible that England has stooped to the level of Greece?  Perhaps the S & P should downgrade Britain to the same status as Greece?

I think we need to take a look at this from a larger perspective.  Why are people in Greece and now England rioting?  There must be something very bad going on in those countries to make people act so extremely.  Either that, or they are a bunch of spoiled brats who don’t know how to behave.  I tend to think that that is not the case.

Is it not obvious that we are in the “End times”?  Within the last few years we have had terrible hurricanes, earthquakes, dying birds and fish with no known reason, genocide, riots, famine in Africa, and many more things which could easily be interpreted as signs of God; Things which were predicted in the Bible in the book of Revelation.


Amazing Plummet of the Stock Market

On Friday, Standard & Poor, better known as S & P, downgraded the United States Credit rating from AAA to AA+.  Why is this so amazing?  Well, mostly because this country has not had a downgrade since 1917.  In other words, since companies such as S & P and Moody’s and Fitch have even existed.  Our credit rating was not even downgraded in the stock crash of the 1930’s.  Yet, now it has been.

Many argue that this is purely politics, that S & P is doing this in regards to not passing the bill which would help us balance the budget, but not based on the actual ability of the US to pay its debts.  But, if you ask me, if a country, business, or even a household can not balance its finances, how can it possibly pay off its debts?

This is why what happened in congress when they were last in session was so important.  The fact that they chose to go on vacation during a time when the country is in such a bad situation was really bad form.  All that they accomplished for the debt was to raise the debt ceiling.  But what about a long term solution?

Right now as I write this, the Dow Jones is down about 500 points.  Whether it will go further down when it closes, who knows?  It is like a very suspenseful movie, I am waiting to see the results.

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