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How to write

They say “write what you know”.  Well this might indeed be a huge part of writing, and certainly this is where you need to start in order to write, but it is not the end of writing by any means.  There is also a lot of skill which goes into writing which a person needs to learn.  However, I also believe that certain people are born with a certain predisposition to being good writers.

I know this because I love writing and no one in my family (that I know of) was a writer before me.  After I started writing however, my brother then also started writing.  I started writing my first large book when I was in High School, it was only a first draft but it took so much to write it and lasted until about my second year in college to finish the first draft.  After this, I wrote 2 more drafts and then sent it to PublishAmerica, where it actually was not treated that well as a book.  Hardly any editing occurred and they hardly had any criticism about it.  They wanted to publish it very quickly.  Little did I know that they were not a “real” publishing company.

This is something I learned from.  It is true that I wanted the book published quickly (this was largely due to the fact that I needed money quickly) and did not think about the fact that I should be going through the proper process for publishing my book.  If I had, I probably would have it on major book stores right now with many people buying it.

However, for those of you who wish to know how to write, or want to know if you should become a writer, I have some advice which I have heard from people, and learned along the way.

First, you know that you are meant to be a writer if this is all you can think of doing all day long.

Second, remember, even a naturally born writer has much to learn about writing.  You may have the desire, and even some experience writing, but there are different forms of writing you may still be unaware of, plus you will still need to learn the process for applying to get your book published (I will try to highlight these things in another blog post).

Third, it is always good to practice your skills in writing as often as possible.  You may want to begin your own blog in order to do this.  Or you may like to write by hand.  Sometimes this helps people order their thoughts about what they want to say better.

Forth, once you think you are ready to apply to get a book published, you might want to consider using a Literary Agent.  There can be pluses and minuses to this.  A literary agent can go to the publishers and represent you to them.  This will give you more credibility to the publishers and works very well in your favor if the agent really thinks your work is great.  The disadvantage to having an agent however, is that sometimes they can work you too hard and expect you to finish by a deadline, when all of us artists know that sometimes writing (and other artwork) can not always be rushed if it is to be good.



Ok, I am bored, and I need to write, but obviously do not have a clue what to write.  See, this is what a writer does when they have not got a clue as to what to write, but know they need to write, just to keep up with the skill of writing.

Now, I am sure you all are wondering why I am writing this blog which is pretty much about nothing and furthermore, you are probably wondering why you, yourself are even reading it.  Perhaps it is because you are just about as bored as I am.  If you have nothing else to do, you may be randomly going through blogs looking for something to read.

This reminds me of the TV show Seinfeld.  They said that is was pretty much a TV sitcom about nothing.  So, I guess this blog post is a blog post about nothing.  Hope you enjoyed it.