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I would like to tell everyone that my heart goes out today to those people who suffered in the 9/11 attacks. God Bless.


Earthquake and Hurricane

Amazing isn’t it?  A 5.9 earthquake hit Virginia and was felt throughout the East coast of the United States today, and soon (this weekend) a hurricane is due to hit the East coast as well.  Well, as you can imagine, there has been quite a stir-up of people talking about this topic on the web, and cell phones, etc.

However, I find many people speaking about one event, or the other, but not putting the two of them together.  I mean, what are the odds that there would be an earthquake AND a hurricane within the same week of each other?  Probably about as much chance as a large asteroid hitting the Earth directly.

Ok, so don’t quote me on that probability, but you have to admit, it is pretty odd, and highly unlikely.  When I searched for the probability of an earthquake coming in the next 50 years, for a 5.9 magnitude AND a hurricane 50 miles from where the earthquake hit, it said 0.162 percent.  That is a very low probability, but of course not impossible.

Now, you might be curious why I am writing about this, or why it concerned me today.  Well, today around the same time as the earthquake hit, our cable was out.  I suspect now that the cable was out because of the earthquake tremors.  It is like the 9/11 attacks, or remembering where you were when JFK was shot.   However, there is a much broader thing here which needs to be considered.  Why is this happening?  Unlike the 9/11 attacks, or JFK getting shot, weather is considered “an act of God”.  If so, then we have to ask, why is God doing this?