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I am NOT a Muslim!

If you see me walking down the street with my head covered and wearing a long dress, do NOT assume I am a Muslim.  Muslims are not the only ones who cover their heads.  Yes, that is right, I am a Christian woman and I cover my head with a scarf.  That is what women are supposed to do, according to the Bible.  Women back in the day of Jesus, wore coverings on their head, no matter if they were Jew, Christian, or something else.  Only a prostitute did not wear a head covering.  This would advertise to the men what she was.

I am sure you all have seen pictures of Mary in many paintings and even movies.  And all of them depict Mary with her hair covered and long clothes so that she was covered up, not showing anything except her face, and her hands.  Have so many of you forgotten this?  Is this why many people when they see me on the street look at me funny?  The way Mary dresses is how we all should be dressing as women.

But today, most American women wear clothes which are revealing.  They wear tank-tops and skinny, short dresses, shorts, and even go as far as piercing parts of their body and coloring their hair.  These things would have marked you as a pagan Priestess back in Jesus’ day.  Because most people do not cover themselves as they used to, some might ask why I do it.  I have three reasons why.

1.  Because it is the right thing to do.

2.  Because God tells us women that we need to cover ourselves.  Look up these bible verses if you don’t believe me:  1Corinthians 8:9, 1Corinthians 11:1-17, 1Peter 3:3-5, 1Timothy 2:9, Romans 14:13, Philippians 2:4

3.  Personally I also do it because I do not like the way most women dress in our society, with practically everything exposed.  I wish to serve as a good role model for women.


The Wrath of God

Many states were affected by hurricane Irene.  North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York City, plus Vermont who, I do not think were expecting to get much damage from the hurricane.  Many have probably seen the photos of damage from Irene and it looks terrible.  Billions of dollars worth of damage.  Many people will be living in the dark until the end of this week.

So, I am sure many people are wondering, why me?  Why us?  Is it just by chance that these things have happened?  Many more lives would have been lost if people had not been evacuated, and yet at least 43 people were killed.  But the largest damage was to property and roads.  In other words, physical things which most people are attached to.  To me, this shows how attached many people are to their “Stuff”.  We need to stop being so attached to the things we buy and start having more love and compassion for our “neighbor”.  It is difficult to know exactly why things happen, why God allows things to happen, but it is obvious to me that it has to do with his ultimate plan.

There have been many problems brought up about Irene from the reporters and journalists.  Things such as the fact that New Jersey is already in a bad financial situation, so they can not possibly pay for the recovery of their state from the hurricane.  Another factor is that the government never paid for hurricane Katrina, so they may not pay for the clean up of Irene either!  So, how was Katrina paid for?  By printing extra money.

Now that Irene has hit a part of the United States which is not used to getting hit, it seems that another hurricane, Katia, is headed this way, although it is too far away to really know what path it will absolutely take.  However, with the current projections it looks like it could hit somewhere near New York.  This could be catastrophic.  This means that those places which were not destroyed in the first hurricane, might very well be destroyed in the next.  Let us hope and pray that this is not the case.


Noah’s Ark Found!

Did Noah’s ark really exist?  This is a question which many people have asked.  Over the many years there have been many expeditions to find Noah’s ark, even as far back as the year 1917, when Nickolas II sent an expedition to Mount Ararat to see if there was anything that remotely resembled the Ark.

More recently, an archaeological expedition was sent to search for Noah’s ark with the tools to dig it out.  This team was a group of Evangelists, making some people suspicious of the validity of the find.  Many think that their biases have gotten in the way of the facts of this find.  The expedition team was composed of some Chinese and Turks.  The Ark remains were suspected to be on top of Mount Ararat in modern Turkey because that is where it was tracked to be from certain passages in the bible.  Once they found where the ark was and dug out part of it, they carbon dated it and it seemed to be from 4,800 years ago; precisely around the time when Noah’s ark was supposed to set sail.  If this is in fact the case, it makes it very probable that this was in fact Noah’s Ark.

Of course there is one part of the story which makes the Ark an impossible feat.  And that is the collection of 2 of EVERY animal.  How would it be possible to first of all find 2 of every animal… and most of all, how would Noah have been able to pack 2 of each and every animal into an ark, no matter how big it was?  There is anywhere between 10-100 million different species on this planet (estimated). 1.8 million of those have been classified by scientists.  So, even if we go by the smallest amount (1.8 million) and double it (male and female of each species), that would be 3.6 million species which had to fit in the Ark.


Others argue that the number of species would be much less because God only included certain species, not all species, nor even all land animal species, but only one of each “kind”, i.e.: 2 dogs, but not 2 of each species of dogs.

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Giants of the Bible

For years now people have been looking for “evidence” that the bible was true.  Many people in this day and age can not take the bible on faith, they need proof.  It is because we live in such an analytical society.  Well, we have found what is believed to be Noah’s ark which was used thought the 40 days of flooding God promised, and the boat seems to fit the measurements given in the bible.  Even after all of this, people still need proof, so, recently some archaeologists have found giant humans, which have been dug up.  This is one story which fascinates me.  Why?  Because after all the arguments of evolution, I would like those who theorize about evolution to explain this one away.  The photo above is proof of what they found with a person next to it to prove that this was not just any human remains, but a giant human being.

The Giants are spoken of in the bible.  They were the children of angels and humans.  This mix between the humans and angels created the giants.  If you want to know more about this mix and what happened, read the book of Enoch here.  This picture to the left is amazing.  It shows how large these giants got.

Now, some of you may wonder if these are even real.  Many have heard of people doing some pretty good hoaxes.  There was one man who was so desperate to prove that evolution existed that he made up one of the skeletons he found and said that it was a missing link between humans and apes.  Later, he was found out and discredited.

But the real question is, why are so many archaeological finds hidden in their back offices and not shown out in the public eye?  Unless maybe they have something to hide?  My suspicion is that they have found many things which prove the bible is correct, and because it does not fit their version of the truth, they hide it in their back offices.

Here is another picture which shows these giants which were found in the middle east.  They appear maybe to be a couple?  Perhaps married?  The way these two are as they are dead, makes me wonder if they died together, did they know they were about to die?  Or did someone position them like that when they buried them?  Perhaps they knew the wrath of God was coming for them, or perhaps they died of old age, but together.


Market drops and now riots

Yesterday the market dropped dramatically, and now, even though there have been riots in Britain for about 3-4 days, they got worse today.  At first they were claiming that the riots were due to some police officer shooting some man, but of course as they said that, I knew this could not be the case.  Police shoot people all the time and there are no riots everyday because of it.  So then, what was the truth?  Well, they finally came out with the truth today.  It was because of the economic problems.

Doesn’t this sound like what is happening in Greece?  Is it possible that England has stooped to the level of Greece?  Perhaps the S & P should downgrade Britain to the same status as Greece?

I think we need to take a look at this from a larger perspective.  Why are people in Greece and now England rioting?  There must be something very bad going on in those countries to make people act so extremely.  Either that, or they are a bunch of spoiled brats who don’t know how to behave.  I tend to think that that is not the case.

Is it not obvious that we are in the “End times”?  Within the last few years we have had terrible hurricanes, earthquakes, dying birds and fish with no known reason, genocide, riots, famine in Africa, and many more things which could easily be interpreted as signs of God; Things which were predicted in the Bible in the book of Revelation.

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