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There are some great product produced by Method which was shown in “How I Made My Millions”.  These are all natural ingredients hand soaps and other types of cleaning products.

Method was started by two men, Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, who had had their own problems with modern soaps and detergents.  Because of this, they decided to make their own products which would be all natural so they would not give others allergic reactions.

Another brilliant idea which is simple and would help a lot of people who get reactions from soap or detergents.  My son, for example who suffers from eczema, might benefit from this product line.  He is only 6 months old right now, but I know there are also plenty of other people out there who are much older, who also have eczema, they could definitely use this product line.


Merlot Skin Care

This is another awesome story about an old man who had a great idea, shown on “How I Made My Millions”.  He said to himself, if wine is good for you, because of the antioxidants, then why wouldn’t grapes be?  And furthermore, what about grape seeds?  So he began to do some research into grapes and grape seeds and found out that they had polyphenols.  These polyphenols help rejuvenate the skin, and so he thought if he could use these grape seeds in things like skin lotion and other things this would help peoples skin look and feel younger.

At first, Wayne Beckley was not doing well selling his product and so he took it off of the shelves, but when he did that, many people started asking about his product and wanted more of it.  This is when it came back on the shelves and is now sold more than ever.

Mr. Grapes, as some call him, has made all kinds of products for the skin including lotions, soaps, foaming soaps, facial masks, acne treatments and much more!


Tom’s Of Maine

I really wanted to write about this company, because they are very unique.  I remember them when they had first come on the store shelves and my parents thought their products were a great idea.  They even had me try their deodorant, and when I saw them on “How I Made My Millions”, I knew I had to write about them.

Tom’s of Maine is great because they use all natural ingredients in their products.  I remember the Deodorant and how different it was compared to the other deodorant products you normally find out there.  It was runny, almost like a liquid and had what seemed like some kind of herb or something in it.  I never checked the ingredients, but it seemed all natural to me.

The one product which Tom’s of Maine is best known for though is their toothpaste.  I have never tried their toothpaste, but I am sure it must be good if so many people like it.  How did this company start out?  Well, it had a very rocky beginning.  Founded by Tom Chappell, had a very difficult time in getting the ingredients just right to even be effective.  When they found out it was ineffective, they went back to the drawing board to figure out what would work.

They got it right after a while, but this flaw was due to the fact that Tom did not have any real lab experience.  He mostly had the great idea of making all natural hygiene  products.

Tom’s of Maine is now owned by Colgate-Pomolive, who bought out the company for $100,000,000.00 now owning 84 percent of the company.  They have approximately 90 oral- and body-care products are sold at more than 40,000 retail outlets worldwide.


How I made My Millions

I recently saw a great show on CNBC called “How I Made My Millions”.  This show is perfect to watch if you are looking for great ideas to make your own business.  Many people I am sure would love to learn how to make millions, so of course I thought it was a great thing to watch, not just for me, but also for my readers to learn such things.  Surely it is something we could all benefit from.

What was the first thing I learned?  I found that the 3 or 4 people who were interviewed were already “positioned” into a place that they could take their product and really make it explode overnight so to speak.  Two of them were very smart marketers since they were children.  You know, the kind of people who would sell lemonade in their front yard, and somehow be able to get their friends to buy whatever they wanted them to buy.

One story I remember very well.  Jennifer Telfer invented what is now known as “My Pillow Pets”.  These are stuffed animals which when opened up become a nice fluffy pillow.  This is such a simple idea, that when you probably think about it, you wish you had come up with it.  I know I wish I had.

Jennifer’s story is a great story.  Her and her husband had been selling things at Kiosks at different malls, but she wanted to have a product all her own to sell at these kiosks.  These Kiosks allowed her to be “positioned” to sell the product that made her her millions.  Then she brainstormed with her husband but finally got an idea with the help of her oldest son to have a stuffed animal which would open up into a pillow, making it useful, rather than just a stuffed animal.  Then, Jennifer with the help of her son developed the first “Pillow Pet”.  Once the first one was made, she tested it on her younger son, who loved it.

After this, Jennifer made a few to sell at her Kiosk, but had some difficulty introducing it to people.  Many people thought that it was just another stuffed animal, so she had to come up with a pitch to explain to people what this new product really was.  After this, her success went through the roof, and now makes millions each year.

So, what have we learned from this story?

1.  Position yourself to be able to sell a great product.

2.  Think of a great, but simple product that is new to people.

3.  Overcome any obstacles which may come up, such as developing a pitch for your product.

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