The Wrath of God

Many states were affected by hurricane Irene.  North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York City, plus Vermont who, I do not think were expecting to get much damage from the hurricane.  Many have probably seen the photos of damage from Irene and it looks terrible.  Billions of dollars worth of damage.  Many people will be living in the dark until the end of this week.

So, I am sure many people are wondering, why me?  Why us?  Is it just by chance that these things have happened?  Many more lives would have been lost if people had not been evacuated, and yet at least 43 people were killed.  But the largest damage was to property and roads.  In other words, physical things which most people are attached to.  To me, this shows how attached many people are to their “Stuff”.  We need to stop being so attached to the things we buy and start having more love and compassion for our “neighbor”.  It is difficult to know exactly why things happen, why God allows things to happen, but it is obvious to me that it has to do with his ultimate plan.

There have been many problems brought up about Irene from the reporters and journalists.  Things such as the fact that New Jersey is already in a bad financial situation, so they can not possibly pay for the recovery of their state from the hurricane.  Another factor is that the government never paid for hurricane Katrina, so they may not pay for the clean up of Irene either!  So, how was Katrina paid for?  By printing extra money.

Now that Irene has hit a part of the United States which is not used to getting hit, it seems that another hurricane, Katia, is headed this way, although it is too far away to really know what path it will absolutely take.  However, with the current projections it looks like it could hit somewhere near New York.  This could be catastrophic.  This means that those places which were not destroyed in the first hurricane, might very well be destroyed in the next.  Let us hope and pray that this is not the case.


2 Responses to “The Wrath of God”

  1. August 31, 2011 at 3:04 am

    That kind of attitude is disrespectful to those who have suffered, illogical (just take a moment to think about it), and unhelpful at ythe highest level.

  2. August 31, 2011 at 5:04 am

    I meant no disrespect. But let us face it. We Americans are too attached to our stuff. If you go around the world to places who have nothing you would know what I mean. Plenty of people I think even in America would agree with me. If you have suffered, you should get right with God. People who are would see this as a blessing, not a curse. If you knew about the other Christian leaders of the past, you would know what I mean. Please people learn your CHRISTIAN history.

    God bless all of you.

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