Merlot Skin Care

This is another awesome story about an old man who had a great idea, shown on “How I Made My Millions”.  He said to himself, if wine is good for you, because of the antioxidants, then why wouldn’t grapes be?  And furthermore, what about grape seeds?  So he began to do some research into grapes and grape seeds and found out that they had polyphenols.  These polyphenols help rejuvenate the skin, and so he thought if he could use these grape seeds in things like skin lotion and other things this would help peoples skin look and feel younger.

At first, Wayne Beckley was not doing well selling his product and so he took it off of the shelves, but when he did that, many people started asking about his product and wanted more of it.  This is when it came back on the shelves and is now sold more than ever.

Mr. Grapes, as some call him, has made all kinds of products for the skin including lotions, soaps, foaming soaps, facial masks, acne treatments and much more!


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