Noah’s Ark Found!

Did Noah’s ark really exist?  This is a question which many people have asked.  Over the many years there have been many expeditions to find Noah’s ark, even as far back as the year 1917, when Nickolas II sent an expedition to Mount Ararat to see if there was anything that remotely resembled the Ark.

More recently, an archaeological expedition was sent to search for Noah’s ark with the tools to dig it out.  This team was a group of Evangelists, making some people suspicious of the validity of the find.  Many think that their biases have gotten in the way of the facts of this find.  The expedition team was composed of some Chinese and Turks.  The Ark remains were suspected to be on top of Mount Ararat in modern Turkey because that is where it was tracked to be from certain passages in the bible.  Once they found where the ark was and dug out part of it, they carbon dated it and it seemed to be from 4,800 years ago; precisely around the time when Noah’s ark was supposed to set sail.  If this is in fact the case, it makes it very probable that this was in fact Noah’s Ark.

Of course there is one part of the story which makes the Ark an impossible feat.  And that is the collection of 2 of EVERY animal.  How would it be possible to first of all find 2 of every animal… and most of all, how would Noah have been able to pack 2 of each and every animal into an ark, no matter how big it was?  There is anywhere between 10-100 million different species on this planet (estimated). 1.8 million of those have been classified by scientists.  So, even if we go by the smallest amount (1.8 million) and double it (male and female of each species), that would be 3.6 million species which had to fit in the Ark.


Others argue that the number of species would be much less because God only included certain species, not all species, nor even all land animal species, but only one of each “kind”, i.e.: 2 dogs, but not 2 of each species of dogs.

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