Keeping Up with the Joneses

I was watching 60 Minutes the other day, and was amazed to see part of the hour dedicated to people who are obviously too rich for the rest of us.  I say this in a joking manner and not a judgmental one.  It is true that America is based on a dream which allows us to become as rich as we want to.  However, is there a point when it becomes too much?

They interviewed a couple of families.  The first one, only a single woman lived in her house with her two dogs, yet her house had five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, and the house as a whole had 11,000 square feet!  Wow, what a house.  But does a single woman really need five bedrooms and seven bathrooms?  Maybe she uses one bathroom each day of the week?  I would have asked her, if I had been the interviewer, what she needs all of those bedrooms and bathrooms for.  Personally I would have no problem if she had all those bedrooms and bathrooms if they were being used for a good purpose.  I would hope she would be bringing poor people into her house to give them a roof over their head(s), and feed them in her huge kitchen.  But what do you think are the chances that she would do this?

Another family had only one daughter yet, like the other woman they had five bedrooms, and this time 18,000 square feet to their house.  When asked what more they wanted to add to their house if they could, the wife said that she would like a larger eating space, which if I remember correctly already had space for 8-10 people to sit.  The husband said that he wished they had more space in the front-room to entertain guests.  When I heard this, I was shocked.  I know many people who would be happy to have what they had… MORE THAN HAPPY, and yet these people still wanted more.  This is like the property version of gluttony.


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